Your business has it’s own personality, it’s own identity. We’ll take our time putting that into a design that will radiate what you and your company stands for. Onyx Technology Group will work with you to ensure your first impression lasts forever, and keeps visitors coming back. Whether it’s a new design, or full re-design, there’s nothing we can’t do.

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Without a reliable network, computer, or internet, your productivity and profitability grinds to a halt. Our experienced tech’s will assess the situation, and develop a full support plan to ensure your systems stay operational. We support any operating system, any type of computer or laptop, and any network.

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More than a lease rate. A full-service solution.

Any leasing company can provide a price quote and a lease rate. However, equipment leasing should be much more than a form of financing. Not only will Consulting Empires ensure you have the latest and greatest when it comes to your equipment, we will provide full support should any issues arise. Consulting Empires sees leasing as a way to gain the benefits of using equipment without many of the hassles, costs and limitations associated with ownership. Contact us and schedule a consultation today to find out all the ways leasing equipment will help you grow faster than ever. In the meantime, take a look at our FAQ and benefits below:

Technological Benefits
  • Keep up-to-date equipment in place with a built-in upgrade schedule
  • Gain flexibility to upgrade technology to meet your changing needs
  • Simplify asset disposal – just return the equipment to your lessor
Financial Benefits
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • According to IDC1, organizations using leasing, rather than buying and operating PCs for an extended lifecycle, could potentially REDUCE costs by as much as 24%.
  • Manage cash flow and budgets
  • Keep debt off your balance sheet and improve your performance ratios
  • Conserve working capital and keep lines of credit intact
  • Lease payments may be 100% deductible as an operating expense (please review this with your accountant)
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